Make your own dummy chains

Balabi's pacifier chain craft materials for making your own soother chains with names will get your creativity flowing. In our online shop for dummy chain accessories, you will find everything you need from practical wooden clips to high-quality wooden beads and tear-proof string. Optionally, you can decorate your handmade pacifier chains with cute motif beads, represent the child's name with letter cubes or hide the knot of the loop with a safety bead. Simply discover our easy-to-follow craft tutorial on how to make a DIY dummy chain with a name. Our soother chain tutorial explains step by step how to create your own dummy chain from your wooden beads, string and dummy clip. The Balabi team wishes you lots of fun!

craft instructions for a pram chain with name craft instructions for a key chain with name craft instructions for a dummy chain with name craft instructions for a grasping ring with name craft instructions for a clip mobile with name

Make your own creative baby accessories, children's accessories, everyday items and DIY gifts from wooden beads

Attention, crafting lovers! Conjure up your very own personal accessories from our high-quality wooden beads, silicone beads, crochet beads, wooden clips and other colourful extras. We specialise in craft products for making baby accessories. The number 1 do-it-yourself baby gift is the dummy chain with name. As a dummy holder, the soother chain ensures that the baby's beloved pacifier neither falls on the dirty floor nor gets lost. The grasping ring with name is also a popular gift for birth. The gripping ring is also wonderful to make yourself and trains the baby's sense of touch and fine motor skills in a playful way. Would you like something more elaborate? Then why not create your own pram chain or individual pram mobile. Both of these baby products will keep your little ones occupied on pram rides. For older children, you can make ABC chains, arithmetic chains and year chains, for example. A wonderfully versatile little gift is also a homemade keychain. Choose one of our original key rings as well as matching wooden beads and letter cubes. You see: A few good ideas plus beautiful craft materials and you can create the most wonderful craft projects!


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Order craft supplies online: Balabi's versatile craft range invites you to get creative

Our craft shop Balabi makes DIY loving hearts beat faster. Our wide range of high-quality wooden beads, silicone beads, wooden clips, cords and other child-friendly craft items make clever craft ideas come true. Browse through our online shop for bead crafts and let yourself be inspired. With just a few clicks, your orders are conveniently placed online. And soon you can receive your purchased quality goods directly at your home. Look forward to exciting craft afternoons – preferably with the whole family!

5 reasons why you should shop for dummy chain accessories online at Balabi

  1. Versatility for personalised craft projects: Discover an extensive selection of colourful craft materials such as grooved beads, motif beads, letter cubes and rings made from robust maple wood. We also offer crochet beads, bells, organza bags and key rings for your creative projects.
  2. Quality made in Germany: Professionals from the wooden toy industry manufacture our wooden products with expertise in Germany. They are made from high-quality maple wood. All wooden materials, cords and crochet beads are designed with children in mind – from the varnishes and colours to the rounded edges. So create personalised dummy chains and other baby accessories with joy and a good feeling.
  3. Sustainability for the future of our children and grandchildren: We attach great importance to sustainability. Our wooden products, such as the wooden beads, come from local German production. Maple wood is robust, durable and also a renewable resource. Wood as a craft material is simply timelessly beautiful.
  4. Creativity for all: Our diverse range of wooden beads allows you to give free rein to your creativity. Whether you want to create baby accessories such as dummy chains and grasping rings, children's accessories such as ABC chains or everyday objects such as key fobs – we offer the ideal basis for various DIY projects. Our step-by-step crafting instructions will help you. We can also print clips and motif beads with your individual motif.
  5. Our service for you: Our dedicated service team is available to you both by e-mail and by telephone. We are here to help you with any questions, suggestions or challenges. Your shopping experience is our top priority.