Colourful silicone beads, silicone rings and silicone letter cubes for making handmade baby accessories such as soother chains

In addition to Balabi's high-quality wooden beads for baby accessories, you will find a selection of qualitative silicone products such as silicone beads and silicone rings in our range. Crafting an individual dummy chain with a name from silicone beads has many advantages: handicraft materials for soother chains made from silicone are temperature-resistant. This makes hygienic cleaning of your homemade baby products easy. You can simply boil your silicone bead accessories. The colours of the silicone beads shine fantastically and are resistant. They are even resistant to strong mechanical impacts such as the baby biting on the beads. The surface of silicone beads also feels soft – which is especially wonderful for delicate baby skin. Depending on the shape, the beads can be bent a little. So there's plenty for curious baby hands to explore! These reasons make our silicone beads, silicone letter cubes and silicone rings the ideal craft material for your DIY projects.

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Choose your favourites from our beautiful silicone beads. Balabi's range of silicone products for handmade baby accessories includes colourful silicone round beads and lens beads, cute silicone motif beads, practical silicone letter cubes as well as silicone rings. The rings are helpful if you want to use dummies that have no holding rings. Simply slide the silicone adapter ring over the dummy from behind until it is firmly seated in the ring. When making the dummy chain, make sure that it does not exceed the prescribed maximum length of 22 cm (including the adapter ring and without the dummy clip).

Balabi's silicone products such as silicone beads, silicone letter cubes and silicone adapter rings for dummies are of course suitable for crafting baby accessories. Our silicone products are BPA-free. This means that the silicone goods are free from bisphenol A (BPA). Likewise, the silicone products meet the legal requirements of the German Food and Feed Code (LFGB). So discover our large, varied range of pretty silicone beads and create super cute, personalised soother chains with names made of silicone. We wish you lots of fun and creativity when designing and crafting your personalised, individual dummy chains, teething chains and pram chains made of silicone beads!