Sußer cute motif beads for dummy chains and other DIY baby accessories in many shapes and colours

Pretty motif beads for personalised dummy chains and other crafts for children are the icing on the cake of your handmade birth gifts. A picture is worth a thousand words and the world of children is colourful. Therefore, motif beads with cute pictures or loving sayings are the perfect decoration for detail-loving soother chains, pram chains and baby mobiles. The wooden beads with motifs attract the baby's attention, depending on age and development. The different shapes, colours and prints of the motif beads bring exciting variety to your designs. This is also noticed by the baby's parents, friends, family, neighbours, educators and others who will marvel at your handicrafts including their beautiful motif beads.

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Balabi's quality motif beads for individualised pacifier chains are made of robust maple wood and are manufactured in Germany. Wood is a renewable raw material that is natural. Wooden beads are also particularly suitable for crafting baby accessories because they are timelessly beautiful and antibacterial. Our wooden motif beads are of course suitable for children. This means that all corners and edges are rounded and the paints and varnishes used are harmless.

Baby motif beads for handmade baby accessories are available in abundance in our online shop for craft accessories for making dummy chains with names. Numerous colours from bold to pastel give you the opportunity to create your bead crafts tone on tone. Some wooden beads are finished with sparkling glitter foil. Discover round motif beads with popular children's motifs such as bears, unicorns or princesses. You'll also find coveted symbols like stars, hearts or flowers. Funny nicknames and sayings like "100% cute" or "diva" round off our range of motif beads.

So go ahead: equip your dummy chains with names, teething chains, mobiles and pram chains with Balabi's high-quality motif beads. This will turn your simple designs into detailed, interesting works of art. Some of our wooden bead motifs can also be found on our cute, colourful dummy chain clips for baby accessories. Why not combine your favourite motif beads with the matching wooden clips? We wish you lots of fun and creativity while crafting!