Tear-resistant cord in beautiful colours for crafting cute as well as practical accessories from wooden beads

A sturdy, quality cord is essential for crafting with beads. Balabi's PP polyester cord for dummy chains with names, pram chains, baby mobiles and other baby accessories has special properties: The polyester cord is extremely robust and has a tensile strength of at least 25 kg. On top of that, the cords are colour-fast and they can be melted with the flame of a lighter. This is important for the safe fusing of the knots of your baby accessories. So, with careful crafting, you can make durable, safe baby gifts that will withstand the everyday wear and tear of babies. Our beautiful satin cord for bead crafting is suitable for creating accessories such as key chains, beaded stars or beaded garlands. The cord has a noble sheen, is finer braided and is slightly narrower. This allows you to pass several cords through one stringing hole when crafting, which is an advantage for many a craft project.

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Wooden beads become strands of beads thanks to high-quality strings. Bead strands in turn become pretty everyday companions. Why not match the colour of the cord to the wooden beads or the wooden clip? Because in some places the cord of your beaded projects will be visible: the loop of your dummy chain, the knot on the dummy clip or wherever a cord loop wraps around little bells, rings or eyelets. So choose delicate shades like pink and lilac or striking colours like dark pink and green.

You see: The string is the basis for every handmade dummy holder made of wooden beads. In our online shop for dummy chain accessories, you can get colourful cords and ribbons for crafting in different lengths: Satin cord is available in 1-metre, 5-metre as well as 50-metre lengths. Our particularly resistant PP polyester cord for dummy chains is available in lengths of 1 metre, 5 metres and 100 metres. At Balabi, you will find everything you need to make baby accessories: from the practical wooden clip, the decorative motif beads and the letter cubes for the child's name, to the indispensable cord.

There are various tips and tricks to make stringing the wooden beads onto the vivid cords easier: Double-laid cord is easier to string with the help of a needle and thread. You can melt one strand of cord at the ends with the flame of a lighter. This makes the cord ends a little firmer and easier to work with.