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Balabi's high-quality, child-friendly wooden beads are the basis for your baby crafts made of beads. Round wooden beads are versatile. Let your creativity run free and string the colourful round beads and lentil beads as you like. Wooden bead for wooden bead, you can create cute dummy chains, pram chains, baby mobiles, teething chains and other practical and pretty accessories. Combine different sizes and different colours with each other to get especially varied designs. Whether small 8 mm beads, the popular 10 mm beads or the a little bit larger 12 and 15 mm beads – each round bead fits perfectly into your craft work. Lentil beads are narrower beads that serve, for example, as spacer beads between letter cubes. The wooden lenses between the square letter beads keep your soother chain movable. However, safety beads are more special wooden beads: they have an opening on one side. This way, you can hide the knot of the loop of your dummy chain or the knots of your grasping rings. By doing so the welded knots are not visible and additionally protected.

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Our colourful, beautiful wooden beads for making soother chains with names come from German production. The varnishes, colours and mordants used for the beads are of course suitable for children. The high quality convinces experienced dummy chain manufacturers and quality-conscious hobbyists. Let yourself be enchanted by our variety of colours. Colour classics like pastel pink or baby blue are very popular. Stronger colours such as red, blue-purple or sky-blue also give your bead artwork a colourful look.

Wood is a renewable, natural raw material. That's why wooden beads are particularly popular as a craft material for creative, handmade children's gifts. Balabi's beads are made of maple wood. This type of wood is robust and therefore ideal as the basis for our baby beads. Gifts for birth made of wooden beads are therefore a wonderful idea. Different sizes, shapes and colours of the beads give the baby the opportunity to train different senses depending on the stage of development. So create your individual, personalised baby accessories with our wooden beads, motif beads, wooden clips and letter cubes. Be inspired by our large range of wooden beads and create your dream dummy chains and other accessories bead by bead.