Have motif beads professionally printed with your own motifs

You would like to have your own motif printed on motif beads?

Then Balabi is the right place for you! We will be happy to tell you what information we need from you in order to print your own motifs on motif beads.

1: The most important thing in advance is your motive

It is best to send us your motif as a PDF, JPG or PNG. The file must be cut-out from the background or exactly as you want us to print it on the wooden item. We will then adjust the size of the motif for you during setup.

2: What is to be printed?

We print motif beads (ø 20 mm) and dummy clips (ø 35 mm).

3: On which base colour should your motif be printed?

In principle, printing on any colour except pure wood is possible.

4: What quantity do you need?

Please note that we have a minimum order quantity for your own motif:

For motif clips, the minimum order quantity is 70 pieces/per motif/per print colour

For motif beads, the minimum order quantity is 90 pieces/per motif/per print colour

What else is important or interesting to know?

Does Balabi pass on the motifs to others?

If you have a motif printed by us, it is your motif. Of course, we do not pass this on to other customers. Please note: In the case of freely available motifs on the internet, we cannot guarantee that the motif will not also be printed by other manufacturers.

Is it possible to reorder a design that has already been printed?

If you would like to reprint, this is no problem. We save the motifs and can thus reproduce them in the same format.