Embossed wooden letter cubes for making dummy chains with names and other name gifts for babies

Wooden letter cubes for soother chains with names turn your handmade baby accessories into personalised name gifts. With the help of our practical square letter beads, you can display the babies' names and nicknames, loving words as well as wishes or birth dates in no time at all. Balabi also carries letters outside the Latin alphabet. This allows you to incorporate names from different languages such as French or Turkish into your dummy chains with names.

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Choose your letter beads from two colours: White and Natural. White letter cubes for pacifier chains with names are particularly versatile thanks to their neutral colour. The colour natural means that the letter cubes retain their characteristic wooden look. You can see the warm colour of the wood, including the grain, under a slightly shiny clear varnish layer. In both colour variations, the respective letter stands out visually very well in black from the background. The letters and numbers are embossed into the wooden beads. This makes the letters more durable and more valuable than, for example, simple printing.

Balabi's embossed letter cubes for baby accessories with names come from a German quality manufacturer. The cube-shaped letter beads are made of robust maple wood with great care. Of course, all corners and edges are rounded. All colours, varnishes and mordants are suitable for children. This makes the wooden beads with letters ideal for equipping your handmade baby accessories: from the dummy chain with name, to the grasping ring with name, to the pram chain with name.

Birth gifts such as dummy chains with names are very special baby gifts. That is because the baby's name has a special meaning for the parents-to-be or new parents – and also for the newborn. After all, our first name shapes us and makes us the person we are. As a rule, our first name accompanies us throughout our lives. The name made of letter cubes on the baby gift shows that you are giving a personal, personalised gift. You have handmade the pacifier chain, the pram mobile or the grasping ring with names especially for this child. The parents will appreciate that!